From Accent on Youth to Bandstand

Every technique was used to improve the quality of production. A newly released fog machine was put to good use for a Patsy Ann Noble number with a camera mounted up in the lighting grid looking down at Patsy.
Each show's theme was different to the previous and introduced new talent such as the Allen Bros. Warren Williams looking on in the background.
To add further variation to the show it was taken on location to Avalon beach Sydney. Needless to say word spread.
Sometimes it was hard to distinguish the cast from the audience. Laurel Lea and Kevin Todd had little privacy during this moment.
Warwick moved on after some years to direct Movies but leaving behind a well established format of production excellence.
As well the established Bandstand family including The Delltones, Lana Cantrell, Judy Stone, Patsy Ann Noble, Col Joye, Lionel Long and the Allen Bros was also an excellence in talent to carry on the quality of production.


Ray Newell became the second producer/director in 1965. The show was enhanced by the bevy of international stars who were now coming to Australia. Hendo's eagle eye for talent, such as Robyn Alvarez and Janice Slater, kept up the new faces introduced to the Bandstand audience.

As well as importing international stars Australia exported talented entertainers. Bandstand had wonderful support not only from the viewing audience but also from the entertainment industry. Many clubs would only book artists if they had appeared on Bandstand. One such group was the Chantinos, seen here on the Bandstand set and then as a highly polished trio,two brothers John and Norman with sister Marijke. They attracted international engagements which took them away from Australia for many years.
One of the success stories of Bandstand would undoubtedly be creating Junior Bandstand. The forerunner to many programs introduced by other television networks.


Then in 1969 the new team comprising producer/director Brian C. Morelli seated, and left to right Choreographer Brian Coughran, P.A.  Lindy Hemery, Assoc. Producer Valma Saille and designer Ken Ungley took the reins.

The studio productions were maintained but wherever possible the show was produced at an outside location such as the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne to celebrate regular Bandstand performer Johnny Farnham’s crowning as King of Pop.

We also introduced the Bandstand Awards in 1970 voted on by all the networks that took the program. The only Award the show offered was the Brian Henderson Special Award for Outstanding Performance. The Awards show was repeated in 1971.

The awards were presented to Best Newcomer - Female: Colleen Hewitt. Best Newcomer - Male: David Holmes. Best Male Vocalist : Sandy Scott. Best Female Vocalist: Liv Maessen. Best Vocal Group: The Charade. Brian Henderson's Special Award went to Janice Slater.

Through all of the Bandstand development years the perrenial script writer of Bandstand was John O'Grady Jnr. seen below with the multi-talented Jackie Weaver a Bandstand performer. John contributed many worthy production ideas and program themes. He spoke to more stars than anybody else on the program so it is probably most fitting for the last words to be about the writer.