Bandstand visits Malacca.

Whilst I was in the RAAF serving in Malaya before Channel 9 I visited the beautiful Portugese inspired town of Malacca on the Malay pennisula. I thought we might get some interesting pictures to add to the program.

So, with my trusty floor manager Ian White cameraman John Mitchell, Judy Stone and Ronnie Burns we set off for the Sultanate of Malacca.
We stopped off along the way to play with the inevitable waving children who seem to always line the route.
You are here !
Its a tourist town of old Portugese colony design founded during the ' far east spices' trading years.
An old fort.
An ice block.
A last look at the painted town and off to Singapore.
One last photo with the locals.
One last luncheon for cast and crew.
But lasting memories of four of the cast and crew who are no longer able to share those memories.