1971. Bandstand was chosen by QANTAS for the cast and crew to be taken to Singapore to cross promote the air-route.
Some of the cast on arrival accompanied by L to R back row; producer/director Brian C. Morelli, associate producer Valma Saille, Laurel Lee, Ronnie Burns Front: Judy Stone, Mia Eli.
Filming started by having the cast play tourist in the Singapore shopping area.
A young lad challenged Ronnie to a game of noughts and crosses. No matter who started first or where Ronnie started the kid always won. Mind you Ronnie had to concentrate on the song he was singing as well as trying to outwit the young champion.
Then it was off again to find another location.
Mary Jane Boyd - far right in hat- joined the cast along with choreographer Ross Coleman.
So we trudged around the market area filming atmosphere pictures.
We ventured further afield seen here arriving at the biggest bird avairy in the world The Jurong Bird Park. L to R : Brian Morelli, Valma Saille, Ross Coleman, Ian Vibart soundman & Laurel Lea.
By now Terry Kaff, foreground, had joined the cast. Terry sang 'Joy to World ' at this location. The avairy roof can be seen here.
The heat in Singapore is bad enough without being caged within a giant mesh of fibreglass netting.
True to the spirit of ' the show must go on ' we stuck with it.
The bridge is named 'Bridge of Eternity' I'm sure the cast and crew thought it was most apt for the amount of time we spent filming in the aviary of heat.
Cameraman John Mitchell and Assistant cameraman Brian Peters found it hard going.
So we packed up and left.
And found a cooler location at a fish farm. No production value whatsoever but we stayed for a while to cool down.
Brian Henderson was the face of OPSM in Australia for a while and it was humorous to see his portrait painted on awnings of optical shops.
One more sweep through the markets and back to the hotel.
The cast were very happy to be told they could return to the hotel where Al Styne another Bandstand regular had flown in to join the fun.