Desmond and the Channel 9 Pins

Probably the most exciting event for Desmond and the Channel 9 Pins program would have been the tour to Australia by the Mouseketeers. For years the Mickey Mouse Club show had been the lead-in to our nightly News telecast. The theme song was known by everyone, every adult, every teenager, every youngster. It was one of those shows which a large number of the population had grown up with.
Thousands turned out at Sydney's airport to greet them. They were front page news. Feature writers also attended fascinated by the aura surrounding these teenagers.
Then the big day came when they were special guests on Desmond's Channel 9 Pins live children's show. In a studio absolutely stacked with children regular presenter Mel Ward, naturalist, marine collector and anthropological, related to the Mouseketeers a wonderful aboriginal story of the 'Dreamtime'
Above Mel, top right of picture, is stalwart puppeteer Ann Davis who controlled Amanda the cat.
It was a novel bit of staging to have Mouseketeers paying attention to a cat.
The excitement of having the Mouseketeers on his program couldn't be controlled by Desmond for the full hour they spent with him and his studio audience.
The sixteen year old Doreen seemed to be the only Mouseketeer who wasn't ecstatic about the occasion.