The Willoughby studios take shape.

In early 1957 the studios at Willoughby were now starting to be used for audience participation shows. The first being TV Disc Jockey .
Apart from the fascination of television your friends and family could see you live dancing on television.
As well you could witness the production of artists performing live your favourite songs.
The early control room was entitled Studio 2 Control from where a producer/director, technical producer, script assistant and audio director would cut between the cameras play records and transmit the product to air. This control room would service the two studios that were built at Willoughby.
As the demand grew to have two studios operating it equally required two control rooms.
Live programs were required to be transmitted back to back which was impossible with just one control room.
So the permanent News set area was taken for a new control room for Studio 1.
The finished product was indeed very smart.
For the technically minded it had a Fernseh four channel nine input video mixing panel.
The Audio section had a Philips mixer supported by three turntables and a Byer 1/4 " tape recorder.
It was a delight to work in as most of the facilities up to this point had been makeshift to enable the channel to get on air to be first in Australia.
Once the new control room was operational it opened the way for more daytime productions especially ladies' programs.
Then at night for the channel's new personality Bobby Limb's variety show. The chap in the white shirt is a new face to television audiences - Roger Climpson. Next to Roger is vocalist Vic Sabrino. Formerly known as George Assang.
Bobby Limbs Sound of Music was still a few years away.
A production plan was developing using both studios to fully utilise the facilities. Standard sets could be left in place to save both time and money.
The new studio set-up paved the way for Hendo's 'Accent on Youth.'
It was also the studio in which Reg Grundy commenced his television career. ' The Wheel' as it was known was sponsored by Diments of Hurstville. Diments was a suburban version of Nock & Kirbys type of merchandise.
Radio personality Bob Rogers also had a one season presenting a late night variety program 'The Bob Rogers Show.'

The Bob Rogers Show was the first Tonight variety program on Australian TV. Many famous guests were invited onto the show including American film star Yvonne De Carlo.